AETAS is an independent office of expertise focusing on questions concerning age, gender and diversity.
AETAS offers support in the following areas:

  • Policy: analysing and giving advice for the benefit of policy development and application
  • Projects: advising, developing, carrying out, guiding and managing projects

AETAS accepts commissions from government bodies, non-governmental organisations and companies. AETAS is active in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

AETAS focuses its activities on questions such as:
How can one combat age discrimination? How can one make better use of the qualities that older people have to offer? What can employers do to prevent young women from becoming unfit for work, thus forcing them into WAO (The Disablement Insurance Act) subsidies and dead-end prospects?

The face behind AETAS
AETAS was established in 2001 by drs. Margit van der Steen (1961). She has 15 years experience in the fields of project development, management, fund-raising and in text writing related to these activities. With a background in social-economic sciences, she has access to a broad network of connections. In 2003, she made a statement on ‘gender and age’ on behalf of the Dutch Government at the United Nations General Assembly.

AETAS’s strengths
AETAS’s working methods are directed towards:

  • quality and innovation
  • converting ideas into effective projects and policy
  • finding creative solutions
  • gaining strategic insight into situations and recognising political sensitivities
  • maintaining an on-going knowledge of European developments
  • exploring unknown areas
  • delivering clear analyses and accessible texts
  • result-focused activities
  • taking on responsibility for different phases of a project